Another one bites the dust

Dum.  Dum.  Dum.   Another one bites the dust!! And another one bites and another one bites, another one bites the dust!

That song is stuck in my head HARD today.  And for good god damned reason!  Another chemo, done like dinner.  If I was  more crude, highly dramatic and less respectful of my hard earned surroundings, I would be carving another line on my bedroom wall like it was a prison cell and I was counting the days down to freedom!!  But, alas, I am not, so I am celebrating in other ways.

Directly after chemo, Saro and I practically skipped to the car like giddy children, and we drove immediately to the Ossington strip, hankering down for some comfort food in an amazingly ghetto but delicious Pho restaurant.  Nothing like some black bean sauce, sriracha, slippery slurpy noodles, and that fragrant vietnamese broth to save your soul.  Soothe.  Soothe the soul, my soul doesn’t need saving!! (nervous laugh).

I came through it all like a champion again today, nothing bad whatsoever.  I feel incredible, and I am truly counting down, now! I am currently on the couch, watching “Montecarlo”, eating salted caramel ice cream, up to my chin in blankets and pillows.  Nothing to complain about here, I feel very lucky.  I read another quote today that I found fitting to share, it really resonated with me:

“Just imagine you are ninety nine years old and you are on your death bed, you’re sad and disappointed with the past, full of regrets about how you lived your life.  All of a sudden, you have a chance to come back to RIGHT NOW.  What would you do?  Whatever you answer is exactly what you should be doing.  Go and do it.” – Unknown

Now thats the GOOD stuff, right there!  We should all do a little more seizing and a little less wheezing.  (Sorry, I had to.  It rhymed and was just way to easy. Sorry….)  Carpe that f*cking diem, you never know when your luck is about to change and your cards are going to change.  Might as well enjoy every drop of the juice you squeeze, lest it be wasted.

This whole experience has taught me to love what you’ve got.  All the time.

On that note, I’m going to go do some loving right now!!




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