Week three! Yippee!

Today is day two of week three.  I had a fabulous weekend off, filled with lovely meals, amazing company, minor adventures and one incidence involving a broken plate.  All in all, exciting, fulfilling, and most importantly, HAPPY!!  Week two was pretty breezy for me, and the weekend is always cause for a beautiful celebration.

I worked out for my first time since surgery, last week, and although my thighs hurt like a mother, I am going to work out at least four out of five week days.  It makes me feel like I’m building strength where the treatment may be trying to whittle it away and enable weakness.  Although, that is not necessarily true, I take that back. I feel like a lot of people say that the medicine from the chemo and the radiation are poison and it hurts their bodies; So far, for me, I feel strong during and after chemo, and I feel like this medical marvel is melting away my tumour and helping my body kill this monster, and I do feel amazingly privileged to have such personalized access to it.  But I am adding exercise back into the mix, as well as healthy breakfast smoothies and a great diet and LOTS of water.

And, oh, as of yesterday, Immodium.  Lots of Immodium.  They warned me that the dreaded diarrhoea may be one of the side effects, and I was like, “It can’t be that bad! Poopy pants will NOT run MY life…”   I really had no encounters with it, until yesterday.  Saro went to soccer in the evening, and I literally spent an hour and a half running back and forth, and it wasn’t very fun.  Or glamorous.  Or ladylike.  Damn, there went my allure, right there.

They told me that the chemo balances it out and makes you constipated, and I do have chemo tomorrow, so until then, Immodium it is.  Other than that, feeling fantastic, I’m in high spirits and great humour.  Saro’s mom has been sending home lots of delicious homemade soups for me, and she’s been cooking things for me to pack for Saro’s lunch, so I don’t have to, which has been such a kindness.  She really is a wonderful cook and such a thoughtful person, we are lucky to have her around during this fiasco.  I have still been enjoying my culinary adventures in the evenings, though, and generally, about five nights a week, I am still cooking something amazing and we are enjoying it together at home.  The other two nights, we are going out and trying new things at new places and revisiting old favourites, trying to keep as normal of a life as we can during this next couple of weeks.

Yesterday, I started on an “HBO Girls” marathon.  Any twentysomething or thirtysomething who is going through anything, I recommend Girls as a form of therapy, to show you that your life is just NOT that messed up.  That show is so well written and it just makes you cringe and laugh and gasp, all at the same time.  In fact, I am going to get right back to that as soon as I wrap this business up.

As I finish my banana, strawberry, almond milk,spinach, mango smoothie, I wish everyone a delightful Tuesday, and I as always am sending out lots of love.  And tiny farts (COME ON, Immodium!!).  Just kidding, only love.




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